Urology Today International Congress

Urology unlike many other medical fields, enables diagnostic and therapeutic procedures inside the urinal tract by using natural orifices and pathways.

This very option of an operational treatment which does not require surgery encouraged the efforts of physicians in the past.

The development of optical endoscopes equipped with lights improved conditions and allowed for the progress of Endoscopy and subsequently Endourology.

In the last 30 years, we have witnessed the rapid development of medical technology and equipment with minimally invasive surgeries, which have become an absolute standard in modern medicine. Flexible endoscopes, cold light sources, HD cameras combined with highly sophisticated instruments and the versatile use of laser have been widely used in the everyday work of any urologist.

Technical development is fast resulting in not only the new equipment but also surgical procedures and techniques being globally implemented day after day. Urologists find it difficult to keep up with such accelerating progress because it is necessary to select the ‘right’ method, obtain the most suitable yet expensive equipment, provide training and acquire skills.

This is why we have decided to hold this congress entitled Endourology Today. For all our colleagues and fellow urologists, it will in one place provide an insight into contemporary surgical techniques and cutting edge equipment.

Congress held 2012 and 2013 entitled “Endourology today”, and now we are organizing the third edition titled “Urology 2014 today.” The main topic this year is “Laparoscopy in urology,” but we will not neglect any other urological topics.

A series of highly professional lectures will be accompanied by a live video transmission of urology surgeries performed by experts. All participants shall have the opportunity to take part in hands-on workshops, and we will present the latest available medical technology and equipment.

Together with urology specialists, nurses and technicians have also their own congress with urologic topics.

We invite general practitioners to join us because we store a lot of interesting common themes and useful workshops. We believe it is very important to develop cooperation and communication between all of us who participate in the healing process of our common urological patients.

We invite you to actively participate in the III International Congress “Urology today 2014.” and submit your presentations.

Looking forward for our next course, expecting interesting and eventful professional meeting in Vodice.


Best regards,


Organisational Committee.

Daniel Reljic, MD and Marin Paic MD

General hospital Sibenik, Croatia