Transurethral laser vaporisation of the prostate – our early experience

Mario Kordic,; Davor V.Tomic,;

Clinic of urology,University Clinical Hospital Mostar, F Bosnia and Herzegovina



Introduction: The LIFE (Laser induced Flow Enhancement) laser is an alternative to TURP. The LIFE system is guided by a side-firing optic fiber, vaporizing the prostate tissue very precisely and selectively while preserving the surrounding structures. LIFE laser system offers critical advantage: vaporisation and coagulation are both possible.

Objectives: The LIFE procedure uses Selective Light Vaporisation – SLV (Diode Laser, wavelength 980 nm, output power 180 Watt) to eliminate unwanted soft tissue using the EVOLVE Laser System and Twister fiber

Materials and methods: In the period of 6 months (01.05.-01.11.2012.) we treated 20 patients, age between 57-80 with BPH. IPSS was 25-35,QOL 4-5,Uroflow 6-11 ml/sec, RU 100-150ml. Eight patients had a complete urinary retention with the catheter. Prostatic volume was 40-60 ml. Operation has lasted 25-45 min.

Results: All patients had catheter up to 72 hours. There were follow up after one, two and three months.After the three months IPSS was 15-18,QOL 2-3, uroflow 15-20 ml/sec, RU <30 ml. Minimal post-treatment discomfort or side effects. All patients had quick recovery. The levels of sodium and hemoglobin were stable.

Conclusion: LIFE laser is an effective, gentle and minimally invasive procedure. It is an outpatients procedure, with no blood transfusion necessary, short time for post-op catheterisation and option of short intravenous or spinal anesthesia. Compared to traditional surgery, SLV is a low trauma, low-pain and comfortable alternative.