Quality of life patients in according to a different types of urinary diversion after the radical cystectomy

M.Kordić, A.Kvesić, D.Tomić, M.Tipurić, D.Zalihić, V.Bekavac, J.Baranik, M. Ignatkov, K.Pavlović,

Klinika za urologiju SKB Mostar, F BiH


Objective: To evaluate quality of life in patients with orthotopic derivation of urine (Hautmann), Mainz-pouch II derivation and ileal conduit.

Patients and methods: During five years retrospective and prospective survey of quality of life was conducted using self-administered questionnaire EORTC QLQ-C30 for 190 patients who had performed radical cystectomy in period 1989.-2010., on Institute of Urology General Hospital „Sveti Duh“ Zagreb and General Surgery and Urology Clinic of Clinical Hospital Mostar. Patients are divided in three groups: orthotopic derivation (Hautmann) 50 patients, Mainz-pouch II derivation 90 patients and ileal conduit 50 patients.

Results: Mean value of QL2 was 64 for patients with Mainz-Pouch II derivation, 89,8 for patients with orthotopic neobladder and 69,4 for patients with ileal conduit. Using chi-squared test we compared urinary continence for two groups, orthotopic neobladder and Mainz-Pouch II There where no diference among this two groups.

Conclusion: Analysis of quality of life measured by EORTC QLQ C-30 proved significant difference in quality of life at patients with ileal conduit and Mainz-Pouch II in favor of patients with orthotopic neobladder. More important, use of self-administered questionnaire EORTC QLQ-C30 is applicable and admissible for such category of patients

Key words: quality of life, EORTC QLQ C-30, orthotopic neobladder, Mainz-Pouch II, ileal conduit