Minimal invasive partial nephrectomy in 2004

Murat Bingay, MD,

Associated Professor of Urology Bagcilar Training & Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Sumary: Partial nephrectomy is the preferred surgical treatment for kidney tumors up to 7 cm in size since it provides equivalent oncological and superior functional outcomes compared to radical nephrectomy. In the last 10 years minimally invasive partial nephrectomy hasincreasingly become a desired approach for nephronsparing surgery.

Partial nephrectomy has the triple goals of negative surgical margins, functional preservation and complication free recovery. Initial experiences with minimal invasive partial nephrectomy were associatedwith somewhat increased urological complicationsand longer warm ischemia time compared to open surgery. With surgical experience and improved surgical techniques the outcomes of minimal invasive partial nephrectomy have improved significantly despite increasing tumor complexity. In this lecture, how optimal outcomes can be achieved during minimal invasive partial nephrectomy with using “state of the art” ischemia techniques and homeostatic agents will be described.