Large benign tumor of uretero – pelvic junction diagnosed and treated totally by minimally invasive surgery

Krzysztof Szkarłat, Piotr Jareck

Urological Department, Hospital Koscierzyna, Poland

A 30 year old male presented with renal colic of the left side and microscopic haematuria. Abdominal ultrasound followed by intravenous pyelogram revealed hydronephrosis with the filling defect at the level of uretero-pelvic junction.

Ureteroscopy with endoscopic biopsy was performed. Microscopic examination confirmed benign nature of the lesion (fibroepithelial polyp).

Laparoscopic excision of the tumor followed by the pyeloplasty was performed. Final histopathology report revealed fibroepithelial polyps. There was no recurrence of the disease. Abdominal ultrasound performed 3 month later showed normal non dilating kidney. This result was confirmed with 3 year follow-up.