Laparoscopic retroperitoneal biopsy in the diagnostic of hematological disorders – our experience

Marijan Šitum, Vlado Dadić, Marinko Bošnjak i Anđelo Mojsović

Department of Urology, Clinical Centre Split, Croatia

The treatment of lymphoproliferative diseases requires exstensive histological, immunohistochemical and cytogenetic diagnosis. When percutaneous techniques are not possible and peripheral lymph nodes are hystologic negative, surgical retroperitoneal diagnosis becomes necessary. Between 1.1.2006. and 1.1.2012., 6 patients (2 male and 4 female; median age 57 years, range 49-72) undergoing laparoscopic retroperitoneal lymph node biopsy. All patients had non-Hodgkin´s lymhoma. Procedures was uneventful and patients discharged between third and fifth postoperative day. Laparoscopy is a procedure of choice when needle biopsy is not possible or fails to provide an adequate sample.