Foreign bodies in the urinary bladder – 3 case reports

Miroslav Tomić, Igor Tomašković, Šoip Šoipi, Boris Ružić, Jordan Dimanovski, Davor Trnski

Department of urology, University Clinical Center “Sestre milosrdnice”, Zagreb, Croatia

Foreign bodies in the urinary tract are most commonly found in the urinary bladder. Those foreign bodies may result from long forgotten iatrogenically left pieces of urinary stents, catheters or pieces of endoscopic instruments and devices. Alternativelly foreign bodies in the bladder originate from self-insertion due to altered sexual behavior or psychiatric diseases.

We present 3 cases of foreign body in the urinary bladder and how we treated them. The first case was ribbon gause migrating after an inguinal hernia repairment. The second was extrusion of the mesh sling into the urinary bladder after the TVT procedure in the woman and the third was self-inserted encrusted wire of the bra in the man’s urinary bladder.