Establishment of Laparoscopy in Urology beside of centred surgery – critical reflexion based on single centre experiences

Christoph Lang,

Department of Urology, Knappschaft-Hospital Sulzbach, Germany, Academic Teaching Hospital of Saarland University

Introduction: Laparoscopy is an exciting minimal invasive surgical procedure, established and standardised for many urological indications. It has suppressed and replaced open surgery in a great number of institutions. Nevertheless beside centred surgery the establishment is demanding.

Materials and Methods: Reported are the experiences of our attempts to establish laparoscopy in a single non high volume institution with critical remarks concerning the indications of laparoscopy retrospectively even about centres based on published Literature.

Results: Despite of high commitment the establishment of laparoscopy beside centred surgery is difficult. The main important aspect is to come by laparoscopy enough honestly without compromising the indication.

Summary: To establish laparoscopy there is a need of good indications, a suitable patient, a good trained surgeon and team and available excellent equipment. Furthermore the frequency of the procedure to do, the level of difficulty of the intervention and the knowledge about less sophisticated alternatives has to be respected in favour of patient side and patient safety.

Training programs and professional support are key points to succeed in laparoscopy.