Endourology today 2013

The second International symposium entitled “Endourology Today” was organized from 06 to 09 April 2013 in the Olympia Hotel in Vodice, Sibenik, Croatia. The symposium was organized by the Department of Surgery and Urology of the General Hospital in Sibenik and the Croatian Society of Urology.

This event was attended by almost 250 urologists, nurses and technicians from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany.

Leading European experts in the field of endourology gave lectures at our symposium, and we will mention only some of them:

Prof.dr. Željko Kaštelan , Croatia
Prof. Haluk Akpinar,  Turkey
Prof. Ioan Coman,  Romania
Prof. Milan Hora, Czech Republic
Prof. Dimitar Mladenov, Bulgaria
Prof. Krzysztof Szkarłat , Poland
Prof. Peter Tenke, Hungary
Prof. Vinka Vukotić, Serbia
Dr. Christoph Lang, Germany
Dr. Sandi Poteko, Slovenia
Dr. Sotir Stavridis, FYR Macedonia and others.

Apart from these prominent speakers, almost 30 other prominent urologists from across Europe presented their interesting papers at the conference.

A parallel symposium for nurses and technicians was also organized, with 14 speakers.

At the second International symposium “Endourology Today” the main topic was the endoscopic treatment benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Participants had the opportunity to watch live surgical procedures of transuretral vaporesection of prostate using Holmium laser.

The company “Richard Wolf” organized a workshop on familiarization and handling the latest endoscopic instruments.

For the duration of the symposium Endourology today 2013, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers exhibited their products.