Development of laparo-endoscopic surgery at the Department of Surgery and Urology, General Hospital Šibenik in the context of contemporary minimally invasive surgery

Tomislav Jurišić,

Department of Surgery, General Hospital Šibenik

Who did the first LC? Many physicians and engineers were contributed in the development. From Bozzini who invented in 1805 instrument with reflected light till Erich Mühe inventor of Galoskop, many inventors contributed in preparation of the craddle for modern laparoscopy. But only after Semm has invented CO2 insufflator and designed entire gynecological procedure, modern laparoscopy has started. He decisively influenced directly on Mühe’s and Mouret’s ideas and work. Therefore Semm has laid the laparoscopic embrio in the craddle. Yet it is questionable whether such as this laparoscopic project would even survived until Camran Nezhat has not attached a video camera to telescope. He started first with operating „off the monitor“.

The era of peering through the teloscope has been ended. Still contribution of the French trio, Mouret, Dubois and Perissat is undoubted. When they crossed the Ocean, the American’s torch was ignited. Barry McKernan has performed his first video laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 1988. With the end of 80’s, I reviewed the video with McKernan’s procedure. I was thrilled with the vision of quite different and very promising surgery. In the May 1992 was performed first LC in Croatia. After I attended the workshop organized by Olympus, we gathered funds and acquired the equipment. First LC was performed in October 15 1992. LC becomes method of choice at our department, as other different laparo-thoraco-endoscopic procedures, total 74 till now. More than 800 Laparoscopic bile duct exploration was performed routinely till now. We followed also new tendencies. In cooperation with vet-surgery we performed two NOTES procedures. In 2011 we acquired Integrated Operating Room, as the first department in Croatia.