The application of lasers in the treatment of urological patients at University department of Urology, University hospital center Zagreb

Željko Kaštelan, Tomislav Kuliš, Nikola Knežević, Mario Šunjara, Mirko Bakula, Marija Topalović Grković


University Hospital Center Zagreb and University of Zagreb, School of Medicine,
Department of Urology, Zagreb, Croatia

The application of lasers in  treatment of urological patients is rapidly developing and has an increasing acceptance. In some therapeutic areas lasers have already become part of standard treatment. Diode lasers provide good haemostatic ability with adequate tissue vaporization while Holmium lasers have proven effective in treatment of urolithiasis. Aim of this study is to present our experience and innovations in the application of lasers.

In order to enhance endoscopic procedures in our department since 2009 we have used several different lasers. Diode laser 980 nm and Dual diode laser 980 and 1470 nm (Ceralas® HPD DUAL, Biolitec AG, Jena, Germany) were used in combination with various fibers, depending on the operation type. In treatment of urolithiasis we have used HoYAG AURIGA laser. Diode lasers have been applied for operations of prostate, urethral strictures, renal tumors, urinary bladder and renal pelvis tumors. Holmium laser was primarily used for treatment of urolithiasis.

Lasers represent useful, minimally invasive method with effective tissue coagulation and haemostasis, in spite of increased operative costs. Further studies and technical advances will provide wider adoption of laser techniques.